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No two personalities are completely alike. Their homes shouldn’t be either.

The most important part of the project will be getting to know you. The styling part is about translating this knowledge into designs you love.

Our stylists will help you define your style with questionnaires, mood boards and photos of your home. They’ll be in touch by email and across face to face messengers to help you create totally new rooms using your current pieces and a few select furnishings hand-picked for you. Schedule us in on your time and in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

What is Interior Styling?

An interior stylist uses the existing home as a colour palette, and the colour scheme around this. In most cases, existing furnishings are removed from the home and the Stylist works to create an updated look using furniture, artwork, rugs, and decor to refresh the look and make it more appealing for buyers. 

The objective here is to make the interiors look as welcoming as possible for the target buyers.


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Crafting Your Interior's Style

When you bring a stylist home, they will look at your existing furniture, fittings, colour scheme and decor and give you some ideas for improvement. A house stylist like this has a great deal of experience in their field, has helped to transform many a property such as yours and knows what will motivate a potential buyer. Consider them your personal home stylist and take full advantage of their expertise, to help you make as much money as possible when you exit.

Adding Colour or Depth

They may be able to make your living room more “lived in” or colourful, simply by adding some snazzy throws, pillows or other accents. This may bring life into an otherwise dull space, quite easily.

Being Authentic

They may suggest that you continue that “lived in” look to your bedroom and stage your bed so that it looks inviting and comfortable, but real at the same time. Remember, you are trying to portray a house that is welcoming, practical and usable rather than being simply a showroom of some kind.

Extra Elements

It may be necessary to buy in some additional elements to create another layer or two of inspirations. Some of your walls may be a little empty and would benefit from a piece of framed art here or there. When you do so, you can create a theme for that room quite simply and with relatively little expense and you can then extend that theme with other small-scale pieces, decorations or furnishings.